Your Quick Guide to Blogging

Ok, so you want to write a blog. First things first!

*Find yourself a nice cozy chair, where you can either write or type. We often like to find a cozy nook in a favorite coffee shop or a space that fosters creativity and comfort.

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The New Watering Hole of the Millenia

Online communication (e.g., social media, e-mails, video chat, instant messaging, smartphone apps, etcetera) is the new watering hole of the 21st century. It is the tribal fire that people flock to, to gather around and shoot the breeze, to check up on the latest happenings and gossip. It’s changing the way we as humans interact, even  if it’s not replacing old standards like social gatherings, bars, and such.

Humans need interactions and connection, and so the internet morphs with what the people want. Developers respond to the needs of the psychological masses in a way that is unprecedented. Many say we are losing our ability to communicate. However, online communication is simply a newer form, and you will see as it remediates it also evolves—not just in chat rooms. Video, peer-to-peer marketing, and interaction is more called for than ever. Continue reading “The New Watering Hole of the Millenia”